Bloggimia is BORN. 2 days after Baby Jesus in Da Manger.

Welcome to Bloggimia! Vanessa Libertad Garcia’s official regurgitation station/blog.

Hi, it’s obviously me Vanessa Libertad Garcia writing about myself in third person.  Although I’m horrified at the thought of blogging on a daily basis in a public forum for the entire world to see anytime they want whenever they want at whatever given moment…(INHALE & then like Whitney — EXHALE), friends have suggested — no, they’ve urged — that since I’m a broke artist building a following for my art (writings & films) I need to BLOG.  Constantly-about- “boberias” (Cuban for “fodder/trash”).  I warned them that executing a DAILY blog wouldn’t give me the time necessary to flush out/edit quality ideas & works of art I’m proud to share with humanity, and therefore only mimic the useless tripe I peddle on facebook for a select few to survive/enjoy.  They asked me if I wanted to afford a dentist appointment some day.  I admitted that I did.

So, here it is, my official blog:  Half digested thoughts and feelings  spewed onto the interweb in a raw sour-saccharine sort of paste.  I am as disgusted by this as you are, but I need to go to the dentist really bad.

That being said, please subscribe to receive regular updates!

Also, buy my kick-arse book  The Voting Booth After Dark: Despicable, Embarrassing, Repulsive!

And check out the fun movie review blog  The Blockbuster Exclusive Academy, which I do with my bestie Baby Dewds!

Thanks for visiting!

About vanessalibertadgarcia

Vanessa Libertad Garcia is a Cuban – American writer & filmmaker who grew up between the burbs’ and hoods of Los Angeles. A graduate of Loyola Marymount University, she’s completed a myriad of successful projects that tackle both the film and literary worlds. Ms. Garcia has worked in various capacities as writer, director, and producer on fiction films such as the HSF/McNamara Arts Grant recipient “A Two Woman One Act” and documentaries such as “Maid in America,” which debuted on PBS’ Independent Lens. Two films out of the many, which have screened at top festivals such as The Los Angeles Film Fest, The Habana Film Fest, Cinequest, and Outfest to name a few. Ms. Garcia has had writings published by venerated literary staple Lambda Literary and the up-and-coming Amor Fati. Her first book “The Voting Booth After Dark: Despicable, Embarrassing, Repulsive” is drawing laudable reviews. It’s available for purchase at, barnes&, and many other sites. She presently has a feature film titled “Dear Dios” based on the books’ characters and a second book — the collection of poetry “Bloody Fucking Hell” — in development. View all posts by vanessalibertadgarcia

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