At Baby Dewds University — Contemplating R. Kelly & New Years Eve

Happy New Years, Everyone in All The World!  If you’re reading this, it means you’ve hung on and made it to the year 2011.  Congrats!

So, I spent Last Night December 31st and Today January 1st with one of my closest, most beloved, and kindred friends Danielle O’terry also known as Baby Dewds O’TerrDawg.

My heart pays no attention to birth names and naturally assigns everyone who leaves a mark on my psyche — positive or negative — a nickname.  My spirit knows Dani by her spirit name “Baby Dewds O’TerrDawg.”

“Baby Dewds University” is what I call our quality hang-out sessions because I learn from her and share with her rarities — things unheard of, things unspoken and avoided by others, things polluted yet pristine.

She’s on a hike right now.  I don’t hike.  She made me walk to the local Sharkey’s and back earlier today.  That was enough pitter patter for my feet …

(AT which point I fell asleep … and then woke up and hung out with Baby Dewds for another day …)

—- Today, Monday January 3rd, I continue the blog post …

As I was babbling,

From Friday Dec. 31st, 2010 to Sunday Jan. 2nd, 2011 — Baby Dewds and I sluggishly lied about Baby Dewds’ University aka her Apartment to the point of bed sores, and OD’d on Art.

First, we watched R. Kelly’s Hilariously Brilliantly AWFUL Musical on YouTube Trapped in The Closet. OH MAN. What a great way to start 2011!

Check out a scene accompanied by R. Kelly commentary!

Trapped in The Closet “… is a story set of 22 chapters released by contemporary R&B singer R. Kelly in 2005 and 2007. It features one melodic theme with varying lyrics, which relate an ongoing narrative … (these) songs tell the story of a one-night stand that sets off a chain of events, which gradually reveals a greater web of lies, sex, and deceit …” (summary courtesy of wikipedia)

Direct quotes from the musical:

“You crazier than a fish with titties” – R. Kelly

“I pulled back the covers and I found a rubber…A RUBBER…A…RUBBBBBERRRR.” – R. Kelly

Trapped in The Closet is a MUST SEE!

Then we watched the Behind-The-Scenes Documentary/Making Of  Apocalypse Now called Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse. Twas’ also severely awesome — in THE EXACT OPPOSITE WAY of R. Kelly’s musical.

Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse is a “Documentary that chronicles how Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now was plagued by extraordinary script, shooting, budget, and casting problems–nearly destroying the life and career of the celebrated director.” (summary courtesy of imdb)

Netflix that SUCKA!  It’s REAL good.

In between all that, we slept, pigged out on Thai food, and listened to an exposé on Black Spirituals from this AMAZING radio show called “Being,” which explores “Spiritual Expression” across the multi-cultural globe.

We finished off our OD on Art Fest with Lars Von Trier’s Masterpiece AntiChrist. The Tragic Love Story between Reason (Man) & Nature (Woman).  Beautiful, Dismal, Intellectually Stimulating, & HORRIFYING.  Starring The Symbols: Willem Dafoe & Charlotte Gainsbourg

“A grieving couple retreats to their cabin in the woods, hoping to repair their broken hearts and troubled marriage (after their toddler dies). But nature takes its course and things go from bad to worse.” (summary courtesy of imdb)

Although highly disturbing, it’s fascinating to watch Von Trier explore the complex entrails of his beloved star — “The Martyred Woman” — and his tortured relationship to her.  AntiChrist stains the mind like a bloody foot print on a pearl white carpet.

For Example, on Sunday morning I was lying in bed cringing as the monthly round of cramps ate away at my underbelly:

“God, I hope I just pass out from the pain.” – Me

“Do you want me to hit you on the dick with a block of wood?” – Baby Dewds (Referencing a scene in the movie)

Netflix that SUCKA too!

YES! As I basked in the glory of Killer Cinema this past weekend, stimulation battered my senses into a state of Awe, and in this state I welcomed the New Year.

I love Movies.  I love Baby Dewds.  New Years 2011 definitely rocked my socks off. Hope yours did too!

Okay, I’m tired of writing and getting sick.  Goodnight!

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Vanessa Libertad Garcia is a Cuban – American writer & filmmaker who grew up between the burbs’ and hoods of Los Angeles. A graduate of Loyola Marymount University, she’s completed a myriad of successful projects that tackle both the film and literary worlds. Ms. Garcia has worked in various capacities as writer, director, and producer on fiction films such as the HSF/McNamara Arts Grant recipient “A Two Woman One Act” and documentaries such as “Maid in America,” which debuted on PBS’ Independent Lens. Two films out of the many, which have screened at top festivals such as The Los Angeles Film Fest, The Habana Film Fest, Cinequest, and Outfest to name a few. Ms. Garcia has had writings published by venerated literary staple Lambda Literary and the up-and-coming Amor Fati. Her first book “The Voting Booth After Dark: Despicable, Embarrassing, Repulsive” is drawing laudable reviews. It’s available for purchase at, barnes&, and many other sites. She presently has a feature film titled “Dear Dios” based on the books’ characters and a second book — the collection of poetry “Bloody Fucking Hell” — in development. View all posts by vanessalibertadgarcia

2 responses to “At Baby Dewds University — Contemplating R. Kelly & New Years Eve

  • Ace

    Great place to dat BDU place.
    I as well attended. The bummer is you never graduate.
    U jus keep learnin’

    Hope to catch up with you soon.

    Talk to Baby Dewd about the two of you commin to Dago and spend a day or two hangin’ wid her Pappy.


    • vanessalibertadgarcia

      Papa Ace,

      Thanks for reading my crazy rants!!! ;p Yes, BDU is my favorite University experience to date! I’d LOVE to come with the Baby Dewds to San Diego to visit with the original founder of Baby Dewds University!!!

      I haven’t seen the Sun since 1983. It’ll be fun. I’ll talk to her about it this weekend and we’ll figure out a plan that works best for both of you.

      Big hug and lots o’ luv!!!
      :p V

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