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Bloggimia has MOVED.

Hello, dear readers! 

Bloggimia, Vanessa Libertad Garcia’s official blog, has moved to


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*If you’ve previously subscribed to Bloggimia at this address: https://bloggimia.wordpress.com

Please re-subscribe at the new link.

My apologies, but the new system wouldn’t transfer over the old subscriptions.

For reference, the new url home is: http://vanessalibertadgarcia.com/bloggimia/

Check out Today’s New Blog Post:
“Awful Movies = AMAZEEENG Time!”

See you there! ;p


Bloggimia is BORN. 2 days after Baby Jesus in Da Manger.

Welcome to Bloggimia! Vanessa Libertad Garcia’s official regurgitation station/blog.

Hi, it’s obviously me Vanessa Libertad Garcia writing about myself in third person.  Although I’m horrified at the thought of blogging on a daily basis in a public forum for the entire world to see anytime they want whenever they want at whatever given moment…(INHALE & then like Whitney — EXHALE), friends have suggested — no, they’ve urged — that since I’m a broke artist building a following for my art (writings & films) I need to BLOG.  Constantly-about- “boberias” (Cuban for “fodder/trash”).  I warned them that executing a DAILY blog wouldn’t give me the time necessary to flush out/edit quality ideas & works of art I’m proud to share with humanity, and therefore only mimic the useless tripe I peddle on facebook for a select few to survive/enjoy.  They asked me if I wanted to afford a dentist appointment some day.  I admitted that I did.

So, here it is, my official blog:  Half digested thoughts and feelings  spewed onto the interweb in a raw sour-saccharine sort of paste.  I am as disgusted by this as you are, but I need to go to the dentist really bad.

That being said, please subscribe to receive regular updates!

Also, buy my kick-arse book  The Voting Booth After Dark: Despicable, Embarrassing, Repulsive!

And check out the fun movie review blog  The Blockbuster Exclusive Academy, which I do with my bestie Baby Dewds!

Thanks for visiting!

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